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Meet the team of Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

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Get to Know Our Team!

We are dedicated to your pet’s care! We look forward to getting to know you, and we hope you’ll take the time to scroll down and get to know us.


Dr. Joel Chatterson
Dr. Chatterson, DVM

Dr. Joel Chatterson has an undergraduate degree from Western Washington University, and received his veterinary medicine degree from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, which is where he met his wife Cassy. He and Cassy married soon after their graduation in 2003. After practicing for a short time in the Midwest, the Chattersons moved back to the Pacific Northwest, where Dr. Chatterson joined Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital in 2009. In March of 2015, Dr. Chatterson was proud to become the owner of Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital.

When he is not busy taking care of Mukilteo’s fuzzy population, Dr. Chatterson enjoys skiing, hiking, playing with his kids, practicing his guitar. Every couple of years, he loves taking his family to visit their friend Mickey Mouse in California or Florida. The Chattersons also absolutely love to visit Bellingham and Fairhaven. They spend many weekends there visiting parks and trying various eclectic restaurants.

Dr. Chatterson has two boys, Keaton and Nolan. Keaton is a Lego maniac and will likely be an architect (or space ship builder). Nolan loves everything (especially his dog Furgie), and we suspect he could very well be a little vet in training!

The furry portion of the Chatterson family includes Furgie, a lovely Irish Doodle, who is Dr. Chatterson’s co-pilot at the hospital (and anywhere else), and two cats, Leo and Aries, who enjoy sleeping 23 and ½ hours per day.

Dr. Charu Kapnadak
Dr. Schmees, DVM

Dr. Charu Kapnadak was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. When she graduated from veterinary school from Western University of Health Sciences in California in 2016. When not at work, Dr. Kapnadak can be found hiking with her dog, Sadie, trying out a new recipe, or spending time with her family in the area. Dr. Kapnadak joined Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital in 2020.

Dr. Kim Anderson
Dr. Anderson, DVM

Dr. Kim Anderson was born and raised in Santa Monica, California, she went to college at New Mexico State University on a full ride volleyball scholarship. She received her Bachelor of Science, and then continued her education at Oregon State University and Washington State University to earn her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. She especially loves working with new puppies in regards to behavior and training questions.

When she’s not helping your furry babies here, you can find her sitting by her koi pond with her 22 koi – all of whom have been named and some are over 20 years old! She can also be found hiking through the woods with her dogs – Samson, the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Blink and Ben the Papillons. The kitties, Coda and Russal, generally stay home from hiking with her 3 bunnies – Poppie, Basil, and Ollie.

Dr. Wendee Murayama
Dr. Murayama, DVM

Dr. Wendee Murayama was born and raised on the sunny island of Maui and grew up volunteering at her local animal shelter. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Management from the University of California, Davis before heading to California State University, Fresno to complete her Master of Science in Animal Science with an emphasis in Ruminant Nutrition. In 2017, she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University before moving to Washington. She practiced in the Skagit Valley for about four years prior to moving further south to be a bit closer to family. Her specific areas of interests include dentistry and the management of endocrinopathies and chronic diseases.

She loves living in the beautiful state of Washington with her obnoxiously affectionate kitties Smoosh and Weirdo Floof and can often be found perusing produce stands at local farmer’s markets, taking in the view on whale watching tours, and going on long drives while exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Wendee Murayama
Dr. Grether, DVM
Dr. Erika Grether was born and raised in Washington state. She then received her undergraduate degree from Linfield College in Oregon before traveling all the way to London, England to attend the Royal Veterinary College. After graduating, she then returned to the Pacific Northwest to start practicing veterinary medicine. Dr. Grether’s interests include feline medicine and diagnostic imaging (especially ultrasound). Outside of work, she enjoys taking pilates and yoga classes, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family. She can often be found tackling home improvement projects with her black and white cat, Mr. Bojangles (Bo for short).


Melanie - Practice Manager
Melanie, Practice Manager
Melanie has been in the veterinary field since 1998 and has been with Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital since 2008. Melanie and her husband Nathan live in Everett with their two sons, Chance and Elijah, and enjoy spending their spare time camping, hiking and just being outside. Melanie has two dogs, Timber and Buster.

Client Care Representatives

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Liz, Client Care Representative

Liz has been in the veterinary field since 2004 and joined the family in 2008. She has had many pets over the years, currently she has two orange tabbys named Carlito and Cheeto both from Hawaii.  Liz and her redhead babies enjoy lounging on the couch on stormy nights and bathing in the sun on warm summer afternoons. Spending time with family and friends is their favorite pastime.

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Sheryl, Client Care Representative
Sheryl joined the family November 2015. She has one son named Gadge and a fiancé named Stephen. She one day will own a pug named Pancake.
Sleeping Cats
Chloe, Client Care Representative

Chloe joined the family in March 2021.

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Tasha, Client Care Representative

Tasha joined the family in June 2022.

Charlie, Client Care Representative

Charlie joined the family in December 2022.

Megan, Client Care Representative

Megan joined the family in March 2023.

Veterinary Technicians

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Jessica, Veterinary Technician

Jessica joined the family December 2023.

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TJ, Veterinary Technician

TJ joined the family January 2024.

Veterinary Assistants

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Kelsey, Veterinary Assistant
Kelsey joined the family in 2010. She’s been kept busy raising her second Border Collie Baby ‘ Q ‘ a lovable mischievous goofball. Q has been keeping Kelsey on her toes as he discovers all the joys of the world from hiking, going to beaches, dog parks and barn time. Kelsey also has a horse named Wren who is enjoying a lovely retirement at the age of 25 years old. Kelsey also enjoys hanging out with family and friends.
Two Dogs Lying on Grass
Danica, Veterinary Assistant
Danica joined the family July 2016.
A Dog Sitting on Couch
Brittany, Veterinary Assistant
Joined the family in September 2018
A Dog and a Cat
Rebekah, Veterinary Assistant

Rebekah joined the family in January 2019.

A Black and White Kitten
Destiny, Veterinary Assistant

Destiny joined the family in October 2019.

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Mollie, Veterinary Assistant

Mollie joined the family in September 2021.

Desi, Veterinary Assistant

Desi joined the family in December 2022.

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Madeline, Veterinary Assistant

Madeline joined the family in December 2023.

Kennel Staff

Abbey, Kennel Attendant

Abbey joined the family in August 2023.

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Aimee, Kennel Attendant

Aimee joined the family in August 2023.