At Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s well-being is our top priority. With our comprehensive Pet COHAT service, we not only prioritize their dental health but also aim to enhance their overall quality of life.


Pet COHAT in Mukilteo, WA

Welcome to Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital, where we are committed to giving your cherished pets the best care possible. Our goal is to go above and above for your precious friends, making sure they enjoy long, fulfilling lives. Being pet parents ourselves, we are aware of the strong emotional connection you have with your animals, and it is because of this awareness that we strive to provide the best care, including our unique Pet COHAT service.

Pet COHAT, also known as Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment, is a carefully thought-out program that aims to improve your pets’ general dental health. Pets frequently endure pain in quiet, and dental problems can drastically lower their quality of life. Pet COHAT focuses on comprehensive dental care.

The Benefits for Your Pet:

1. Improved Oral Health: Pet COHAT makes sure that your pet’s mouth is free of dental issues like tartar accumulation, gum disease, and oral infections, assisting in the prevention of pain and suffering.
2. Better General Health: Dental difficulties can result in systemic illnesses that affect important organs, including the kidneys and heart. Our Pet COHAT service lowers the possibility of such issues, enhancing the general health and well-being of your pet.
3. Discomfort management: Dental discomfort, which is frequently disregarded in pets, can be prevented with routine dental care. Pet COHAT makes sure that any painful dental issues are promptly identified and treated.
4. Fresh Breath: Ditch your pet’s foul breath! Your pet’s mouth will feel clean and fresh after receiving our thorough dental care.
5. Longevity: By investing in your pet’s dental health, you contribute to their longevity, allowing them to be a part of your family for years to come.

Our Approach:

Every pet is treated as an individual at Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital, and our Pet COHAT program is tailored to meet their particular needs. Our highly skilled veterinarians and dental professionals undertake a thorough oral assessment using cutting-edge tools and methods, including:

  • Using digital dental X-rays, hidden problems under the gum line can be found.
  • Using ultrasound to eliminate plaque and tartar accumulation without any pain.
  • Polishing makes tooth surfaces more uniform and less likely to hold plaque.
  • Advice on at-home dental care, enabling pet owners to preserve their pet’s oral health.